This outstanding collection of original vintage posters includes many Countries, all Periods, all Topics, all Styles, and most Artists. Mayor poster designers are represented on the ARTISTS page. It is an ensemble of finest Graphic Designs, covering Graphic Design History since more than 130 years. This is a rare investment opportunity for Museums, Universities, Foundations, Corporations or Private Collectors to establish or complete a significant collection.

This worldwide unique collection of many thousands of fine and rare advertising posters was assembled over 40 years by a passionate private poster aficionado, the challenge of a life time. He desires now to sell it as complete as possible. 

To view a partial selection of more than 500 images, click on thumbnails. This illustrates the variety and depth of the presented collection by 13 TOPIC pages.

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Also available are 2 special MOTORSPORT collections:

Many hundred MOTORSPORT POSTERS, from the 1950ies to present, Automobile Racing, F1, Motorcycle Racing, etc. are included. Many are autographed. A most attractive approach to 60 years of Motorsport evolution and history. 

More than one thousand original professional PRESSPHOTOGRAPHS from SWISS GRAND PRIX, 1931-54 (Automobile Racing and Motorcycle Racing), many are autographed, all classified in binders. Included are the Race Programs, some Trophies, Documents, etc.



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